Cubro is one of New Zealand's leading rehabilitation, medical and healthcare equipment suppliers. We offer a comprehensive range of equipment solutions to the healthcare industry.

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Address: 149 Taurikura Drive, Tauriko, Tauranga 3171. PO Box 9144, Greerton, Tauranga;
Tel: 0800 656 527


21 Tray Food Trolley, 3-in-1 Commode, Adjustable Fischer Support Stick, Adult Bib, Alternating Air Mattress Overlay, Aluminium Axilla Crutches, Anaesthesia Carts, Aneroid Sphygmomanometer, Arthritic Gutter Crutches, Attendant-Propelled Shower Commodes, Back Rests, Bag Holder, Bariatric Full 4-Section Electric Bed, Bath Boards, Bath Lifter - Reclining, Bath Seat, Bath Shower Set, Bath Stool, Bathtub Transfer Bench, Bed Cradles, Bed Pole, Bed Rails, Bed Screen, Bedpan, Belt, Bottle Holder, Car Seat Turntable, Chair and Bed Raisers, Chair Scale, Childs Elbow Crutches, Clean Linen Trolley, Cleaning Trolley, Commercial Bath Towels, Coopers Folding Walking Frames, Crook Handle Walking Stick, Crook Handle Walking Stick - Slim, Cuffs and Bladders, Deluxe Bedside Commodes, Deluxe Walking Frames, Denture Cup, Desk Aneroid Sphygmomanometer, Disposable Transfer Sheet / Dispenser, Dycem Chair Netting, Dycem Non Slip Material, Ear Thermometer, Easireach Sticks, Economy Bedside Commodes, Economy Wash Bowl, Emergency/Crash Carts, Equipment Carts, Evacuation Mattress Cover, Evaporating Hand Sanitiser, Examination Couches, Fallout Chair, Fashion T Handle Walking Stick, Feeder Beakers, Floor Mounted Rail, Foam Bed Wedge, Foam Ring Cushion, Fold-Up Shower Seat, Folding Commode, Folding Walking Stick with T Handle, Foot operated Linen Trolley, Full Reclining Height Adjustable Tilt-in-Space, Gutter Walking Frames, Handrails - Stainless Steel, Heavy Duty Manual Wheelchair, Heel Protector, Height Adjustable Raisers, Incontinence Chair Pad, Inflatable Hair Wash Tray, Isolation Carts, Jugs, Junior Electric Bed, Kidney Dish, Kitchen Trolley to suit Hotbox, Knee Walker, Landing Mats, Leg Spacer, Leg-Up Leg Lifter, Linen Bags, Linen Folding Trolley, Linen Stands, Liquid Soaps, Looped, Hinged Grab Rail, Lotion Bowl, Low Base Quad, Lumbar Cushions, Luxury Foaming Soaps, Mattress Overlay, Maxi Transfer Belt Deluxe, Maxi Transfer Belt Standard, Measuring Cup, Medication Cart - 3 & 4 Drawer, Memory Foam Heel Protector, Mobile Aneroid Sphygmomanometer, Mobile Baby Bassinet, Mobile IV Pole, Monarch Power Lift Chair, Nebulisers, Over-mattresses, Overbed Pole, Overbed Tables, Oxygen Bottle Trolley, Oxygen Concentrator - Nuvo Lite, Oxygen Regulator, Padded Shower Seat, Padded Transfer Bench, Paediatric Walking Frame, Perimeter Guard, Personal Linen Trolley, Physician Scales, Plastic Shower Cubicle Support Rail, Platform Scale, Plinth Step with Handrail, Portable Suction Unit, Premium Bed Pad, Premium Bed Pad/Slide - with Flaps and Handles, Premium Facial Tissues, Premium Foldable/Soft Bed Sensor Pad, Premium Hand Towels, Premium High Capacity Hand Towel Dispenser, Pressure Relieving Cushions, Pressure Relieving Heel Rest, Pressure Relieving Leg Spacer, Pressure Relieving Mattress, Probe Covers, Propping Stool, Pull String Monitor, Pulse Oximeter, Rehab Trolley, Seat Cushion, Seat Wedge, Sensor Mat, Shower Chair, Shower Matting, Shower Stool, Slatted Shower Seat - Fold up, Sliding Transfer Bench, Slipper Pan, Soxezy sock assistant, Stainless Steel Bowl, Stainless Steel Rubbish Tidy, Stainless Steel Wall-mounted Rubbish Bag Holder, Step Stool, Step Stool with Handrail, Stethoscope - Double head, Stethoscope - Double-head/Double-tube, Stocking Aid, Swan Neck Walking Stick, Swivel Bath Seat, Tap Turners, Toe Washer, Toilet Tissue - Eco & Deluxe, Transfer Belts, Transfer Boards, Transfer Sheet, Traymobile Trolley, Tub Grab Bar, Urinal Bottles, Utility Cart, Utility Transport Trolley, Vomit Bowl, Wall Mounted Aneroid Sphygmomanometer, Wall-mounted, Foot-operated Rubbish Tidy, Wash Bowl, Water Soluble Laundry Bag - Pack of 50), Waterproof Fitted Mattress Protector, Waterproof Linen Bags, Waterproof Pillow, Wet & Dry Laundry Trolley, Wide Base Shower Stool, Wireless Pager System