Medical Product Categories

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Anaesthetic Equipment

Anaesthesia Circuit Accessories, Anaesthesia Circuit Filters, Anaesthesia Facemasks, Anaesthesia Machines, Anaesthesia Procedure Packs, Anaesthetic Pumps, Breathing Bag Reservoirs, Breathing Circuits, Bronchoscopes, CO2 Absorbers, Entonox Delivery Systems, Epidural Equipment, Gas Sampling Lines, Gas Scavenging Systems, Introducers, Laryngoscope Accessories, Laryngoscopes, Nerve Block Sets, Spinal Needle Sets, Surgical airways, Vaporisers

Bar Code Printers / Scanners / Inventory Mangement

Bar code printers, Bar Code Scanners, Inventory Management Software, Inventory Shelving / Hardware, Labels

Biohazard Spill Kits, Spill Containment, Spill Prevention

Spill Kits, Absorbant Material & Spill Prevention Products

Blood Analysis

Blood Collection Equipment, Blood Gas Analysers

Cardiac Equipment

Ablation Devices, Angiography Equipment, Angioplasty Accessories, Angioscopes, Cardiac Catheters, Cardiac Investigations Software, Cardiac Output Monitors, Cardiac Pacing Wires & Accessories, Cardiac Procedure Kits, Cardiac Procedure Packs, Cardiac stents, Coronary Shunts, Defibrillators, Diagnostic Equipment, ECG Callipers, ECG Monitoring, ECMO, Heart Valves, Pacemakers, Pressure monitoring


Cutlery, Food & Beverage containers, Food wraps & food coverings, Serviettes

Cleaning, Janatorial & Hygiene Products

Air fresheners and Surface Deodorants, Brushes, Carpet sanitisers and deodorisers, Cleansers & Moisturisers, Detergents & Disinfectants, Domestic Cleaning Equipment, Glass cleaners, Hand Hygiene, Medical Alcohol, Napkins & Nappies, Pads , Wipes

Cosmetic Medicine

Dermatology Products, Dermatoscopes, Implants

CSSD, Sterilisation (Sterilization), Autoclaves & Ultrasonic Cleaners

Cleaning Solutions, Rinsing Aids, Sterilisation trays, Steriliser Machines, Steriliser Monitoring Products, Steriliser Packaging, Sterilising Instruments, Ultrasonic Cleaners

Dental Consumables

Dental Equipment

Bleaching Products, Crowning Materials, Dental Anatomical Models, Dental Bonding Agents, Dental Cast/Filling Materials, Dental Casting Machines, Dental Curing Lights, Dental Hygiene Products, Dental Instruments, Dental Ozone, Dental Syringes, Mouth Guards, Orthodontic Products, Other Dental Instruments, Teeth Impression Materials

Dental Lighting

Dental Curing Lights, Dental Examination Lights, Replacement dental lamps

Diagnostic Equipment & Devices

Alcohol & Drug Screening, Anticoagulation Monitoring, Balance & Mobility, Batteries and Chargers, Cholesterol Screening, Dermatoscopes, Diagnostic Test Kits, Endoscopes, Fibrescope Accessories, FibreScopes, Hearing Testing, Height Measurers, Ketone Testers, Nerve Testing, Neuromuscular Transmission Devices, Paramedic Accessories, PhotoDynamic Diagnosis Equipment, Pupil Torches, Stethoscopes, Thermometers, Urine Analysers, Video Gastroscopes

Disability Aides & Rehabilitation products

Acupuncture Needles, Aquatic Exercise Equipment, Chair & Bed Raisers, Chest Physiotherapy, Equipment for Hire, Gait Analysers, Goniometers, Gym Equipment, Heat Therapy Equipment, Hoists & Lifters, Household Aids, Hydrotherapy Units, Lifting Belts, Limb Immobilisers, Limb Protectors, Massage Guns, Mobility Scooters, Orthotics, Physiotherapy Braces & Splints, Positioning Aids, Pressure Relieving Cushions, Ramps, Rubs / Lotions / Sprays, Seating Systems, Standing Frames, Support Garments, TENS / EMS, Transfer Aids, Walking Aids, Wave Therapy Generators

Dressings & Woundcare

Adhesives & Glues, Arm Slings, Bandages, Cast Removal Tools, Casting Products, Cotton Wool Products, Dressings, Packing Products, Pads, Safety Pins, Sticking Plasters, Swabs, Tapes, Tweezers, Vacuum Therapy Devices, Wound Drainage, Wound Irrigation Products

Ear / Nose / Throat (ENT)

Audiometers, Ear Implants, Ear Irrigation Devices, ENT Diagnostic Kits, ENT instruments, Gel dressings, Hearing Aids, Laryngeal & Esophageal Implants, Lazers, Lubricants, Nasal Catheters, Nasal Implants, Nasal Splints, Nasopharyngoscopes, Oesophagoscopes, Otoscopes, Pharyngometers, Procedure Packs, Prosthesis, Rhinometers, Sinoscopes, Specula, Speech Aids, Syringes, Tympanometers

First Aid Supplies & Training Tools

Ambulance Fittings, Burn Products, First Aid Blankets, First Aid Splints, Manikins, Oxygen Equipment, Responder Apparel, Resuscitators, Spine Immobilisers, Thermal Packs, Training Aids

First Aid Training Providers

Training Providers / First Aid Courses


Anal Fistula Plugs, Bile Bags, Biliary Catheters, Bowel Bags, Cholangiography Accessories, Choledochoscopes, Clips, Colonoscopes, Enema Equipment, Forceps, Gastric Bands, Gastric Catheters, Gastric implants, Gastroscopes, Haemorrhoidal Creams & Ointments, Manometry Systems, Needle Wires, Oesophageal Implants, Ostomy Equipment, pH measuring Equipment, Polyp Retrieval, Proctoscopes, Rectal Tubes, Rectoscopes, snares, Stents / Shunts, Stone Collection


Colposcopes, Contraceptive Devices, Female Sterilisation Equipment, Fertility Testing Kits, Gynacological Catheters, Gynacology Measuring Devices, Gynaecology Procedure Packs, Hysterectomy Equipment, Hysteroflators, Hysteroscopes, Incontinence Prevention Devices, MEA Units, Menstrual Cups, Pap Smear Equipment, Sanitary Pads, Speculae, Vaginal Pessaries

Hospital Beds & Stretchers

Bariatric Beds, Bed Accesssories, Couches, Delivery Beds, Fixed Height Beds, High-Low Beds, Hire Beds, Homecare Beds, Incubators, Intensive Care Beds, Mattress Overlays, Mattresses, Neonatal & Baby Beds, Paediatric Beds, Stretchers & Trolleys, Wound Care Beds

Hospital Communication Systems

Communication Systems

Hospital Furniture & Fittings

Bathroom Furniture, Bathroom Rails, Bed Head Units, Cabinets, Chairs, Clips Clamps & Mounting Solutions, Clocks, Commodes, Compounding Filters, Cupboards, Curtains, Electrical Fittings, Flooring Products, Ice Makers, IV Poles, Microscopes, Pendants, Screens, Sealing Equipment, Stands, Steam Generators, Stools, Storage Systems, Tables, Transport & Storage Devices, Water Filters

Hospital Trolleys & Carts

Trolleys & Carts


Incontinence Products

Adult Incontinence Pads, Bed Pans, Continence Clothing, Implants, Incontinence Protection Covers, Incontinence Undergarments, Urinals

Infection Control

Infection Control Products, Water Filters

Intravenous (IV) Equipment

Ampoule Openers, Arterial Filters, Autotransfusion Systems, Blood Conservation Devices, Blood Sampling Equipment, Fluid Coolers, Injection Trays, Insulin Pumps, Intraosseous Needles, Introducer Sheaths, Irrigation sets, IV Accessories, IV Administration Sets, IV Arm Boards, IV Bags (Empty), IV Cannulae, IV Catheters, IV Extension Lines, IV Fluid Warmers, IV Infusion Pumps, IV Infusion Sets, IV Luers, IV Needles, IV Procedural Trays, Needleless Systems, Pain Pumps, Perfusion Sets, Pressure Bags, Pressure Transducers, Scalp Vein Sets, Sharps Containers, Stop Cocks, Syringe Drivers, Syringes, Three Way Taps, Tourniquets

IV Fluids

Dialysis Fluids, Irrigation Fluids, IV Fluids, Transplant Solutions, Water


Custom Printed Labels

Laboratory Products

Laboratory Consumables, Laboratory Equipment, Liquid Handling, Microbiology & Molecular Diagnostics, Organisation and Storage, Reagents

Linen & Bedding

Bed Sheets, Blankets, Disposable Towels, Linen Bags, Patient Restraints, Pillow Cases, Pillows, Towels

Medical Alarms

Alarm Systems

Medical Camera Systems

Camera Systems

Medical Equipment for Hire

Medical Equipment Servicing

Biomedical Engineering, Electrical Servicing, Instrument Repair Service, Mechanical Repairs

Medical Gas Fittings & Accessories

Gas Fittings, Medical Gases

Medical Gloves, Surgical Gloves, General Gloves

Examination Gloves, Food Preparation Gloves, Glove Holders, Household Gloves, Nitrile Gloves, Polyethylene Gloves, Powder Free Gloves, Safety Gloves, Sleeve Protectors, Sterile Gloves, Vinyl Gloves, Washing Gloves

Medical Lights & Lamps

Examination Lighting, Fibre Optic Light Sources, Head Lights, Lamps, LED lights, Lighting Accessories, Magnifying Lights, Operating Theatre Lights, Task Lights, Ward / Room Lighting

Medical Refrigeration

Blood Refrigerators, Freezers, Frige Freezers, Laboratory Refrigerators, Mortuary Freezers, Portable Refrigerators, Vaccine Refrigerators

Medical Software & Hardware (IT)

Data Projectors, IT Hardware, IT Software

Medical Uniforms & Clinical Apparel

Aprons, Bibs, Coats, Compression Garments, Compression socks, Equipment Pouches, Eyewear, Footwear, Gowns, Headwear, Identification (ID) Tags, Masks, Overalls / Coveralls, Patient Apparel, Surgical Scrubs, Uniforms

Medical Video Recorder Equipment

Video Equipment

Neurology Equipment

Balloon Catheters, Coils, Nerve Monitors

Nutrition & Foodservice

Enteral Feeding Equipment, Food Models, Nutritional Products, Parenteral Nutrition, Temperature Probes

Obstetrics & Neonatal

Amnioscopes, Amniotomy Tools, Baby Monitors, Baby Pacifiers, Bathing Products, Birthing Packs, Bonding Aids, Bottles & Teats, Breast Pumps, Caesarian Packs, Delivery Aides, Foetal Blood Sampling Kits, Infant Heel Warmers, Infant Warming, IVF, Jaundice Detectors, Maternity Pads, Obstetric Monitors, Phototherapy Lights, Placenta Dishes, Pregnancy Support Belts, Pregnancy Test Kits, Prenatal Testing Equipment


Brachytherapy, Chemotherapy, markers


Cataract Kits, Diagnostic Sets, Eye Drains, Eye Drop Medication Delivery Devices, Eye Irrigation Products, Eye Lenses, Eye Patches & Eye Shields, Eye Spheres, Eye Testing Charts, Eyewash Stations, Ophthalmic Cannulas, Ophthalmic Illuminators, Ophthalmic Implants, Ophthalmic Lasers, Ophthalmic Sponge Products, Ophthalmic Surgical Instruments, Ophthalmoscopes, Punctum plugs, Retinascopes, Screening Tools, Silicone Oil


Bone Cement, Bone Cementing Devices, Bone Marrow, Bone Pins, Bone Plates, Bone Screws, Bone Substitute, Halo Units, Orthopaedic Fixation Systems, Orthopaedic Foam/Felt, Orthopaedic Implants, Orthopaedic Nail Systems, Orthopaedic Procedure Packs, Orthopaedic Rods, Orthopaedic Screwdrivers, Orthopaedic Staples, Orthopaedic Traction Equipment, Orthopaedic Wires, Shock Wave Therapy Units, Soft tissue, Torniquet Systems

Patient Heating / Cooling systems

Hot Water Bottles, Patient Thermia Units, Warming Blankets, Warming Blankets / Cooling Blankets

Patient Measurement & Weighing Scales

Measuring Devices, Pedometers, Weighing Scales

Patient Monitoring Equipment

Blood Cholesterol Testers, Blood Glucose Monitoring, Blood Pressure (BP) Monitoring, Capnography Equipment, Cerebral Oximetry Monitors, Electroencephalographs EEG, Ethylene Oxide (EO) Monitoring, Haemoglobin Monitoring, Pulse Oximeters, Recording paper, Telemetry, Vital Signs Patient Monitors


Medication Dispensers, Pharmaceutical Dispensing Systems, Pharmacy Automation, Pharmacy Unit Dose Packaging

Podiatry / Orthotics


Procedure Packs

Anaesthetic Procedure Packs, Cardiac Procedure Packs, Catheterisation Procedure Packs, Customised Procedure Packs, Dialysis Procedure Packs, Dressing Procedure Packs, ENT Procedure Packs, Epidural Procedure Packs, Gynaecological Procedure Packs, Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Proceedure packs, IV / Suture Procedure Packs, Maternity Procedure Packs, Obstetric Procedure Packs, Opthamology Procedure Packs, Orthopaedic Procedure Packs, Radiology Procedure Packs, Theatre Procedure Packs


ECT equipment

Rescue Equipment

Emergency Lights, Evacuation sheets, Head Immobilisers, Rescue Tents, Rescue Tools


Airways, Body Plethysmographs, Breathing Exercisers, Breathing Filters / HMEs, Chest Drain Apparatus, Endobronchial Tubes, Endotracheal Tubes, Gas Blenders, Gas Exchange Analysers, Gas Monitors, Head Positioning Devices, Inhalers & Accessories, Laryngeal Masks, Laryngectomy Tubes, Nebulisers, Oxygen / Air Flowmeters, Oxygen Concentrators, Oxygen Conservers, Oxygen Delivery Apparatus, Oxygen Humidifiers, Peak Flow Meters, Sleep Apnoea Monitors, Sleep Disorder Sensors, Spirometers, Tracheascopes, Tracheostomy Equipment, Ventilators

Response Kits, Bags, Backpacks, Kits & Accessories

Doctors Bags & Kits, Drug Kits, First Response Kits, IV Kits, Nursing Kits & bags

Sluice Room Equipment

Macerators, Washer / Disinfector Monitoring Systems, Washer / Disinfectors

Storage Devices

Document Storage Containers, Storage Bins

Suction units

Suction Units

Surgical Instruments & Surgical Equipment

Anti Adhesion Products, Applicators, Arthroscopic Equipment, Awls, Biopsy Equipment, Burs, Calipers, Cannulae, Carriers, Catheters, Chisels, Files & Rasps, Clamps, Clips, Cryosurgical Equipment, Curettes, Customised Procedure Packs, Decompressors, Dilators, Disposable Instruments, Dissectors, Drapes, Drills & Perforators, Electrosurgical Equipment, Endoscopic Accessories, Endoscopic Instruments, Evacuators, Extractors, Fixators, Forceps, General Surgical Products, Guides & Holders, Hair Removal Devices, Hammers & Mallets, Hooks, Hydrosurgical Equipment, Instrument & Equipment Lubricants, Instrument Accessories, Instrument lubricants, Instrument Sets, Instrument Trays, Insufflators, Irrigators, Knives, Laparoscopic Equipment, Lasers, Lazers, Levers/Elevators, Ligators, Liposuction Equipment, Lithotripters, Manipulators/Injectors, Measurers, Mirrors, Mouth Gags, Needle Holders, Operating Room Systems, Operating Table Attachments, Pliers & Cutters, Prolapse Repair Instruments & Equipment, Punches, Retractors & Spreaders, Ring Cutters, Saws, Scalpels, Scoops, Skin Graft Accessories, Skin Markers, Snares & Loops, Spatulas, Speculae, Stapling Equipment, Stents, Suction Equipment, Sugical Blower - Misters, Surgical Barrier Films, Surgical Instruments, Surgical Loupes, Surgical Meshes, Surgical Microscopes, Surgical Needles, Surgical Probes, Surgical Scissors, Surgical Sealants, Surgical Silicone Products, Surgical Splints, Surgical Sponges, Surgical Swabs, Surgical Syringes, Surgical Tourniquets, Sutures, Telescopes, Trocars, Unipolar & Bipolar Coagulators, Varioscopes, Wound Closure Devices

Tables &Examination Couches

Bobath Tables, Examination Tables, Massage Tables, Operating Tables, Pathology Tables, Physiotherapy Tables, Plaster Tables, Tilt Tables, Transfusion Tables, Treatment Tables

Trays & Containers

Bowls, Denture Cups, Dispensing Needles, Emesis Bowls, Kidney Dishes, Measuring Jugs, Medication Carrying Products, Medicine Measures, Premix Drug Bags, Surgical Bowls, Trays

Urology & Renal

Cystoscopes, Haemofiltration Accessories, Haemofiltration Equipment, Impotence Aids, Incontinence Devices, Irrigation Sets, Lazers, Nephroscopes, Pelvic Floor Stimulators, Renal/Urology Procedure Packs, Renal/Urology Stents, Stone Retrieval Systems, Ureteroscopes, Urethroscopes, Urethrotomes, Urinary Catheters, Urine Collection Apparatus, Urine Monitoring Apparatus, Urology Catheters, Urology Implants, Urology Procedure Packs, Urostomy Pouches

Vascular Equipment

Embolectomy Catheters, Embolization coils, Implantable Ports, Perfuser Accessories, Vascular Catheters, Vascular Filters, Vascular Graft Instrument Sets, Vascular Grafts, Vascular Guidewires, Vascular Shunts, Vascular Stents, Vein Strippers, Vessel Closure Devices, Vessel Harvesting Devices, Vessel Loops

Veterinary Products

Diode Lazers, Oxygen Therapy Products, Veterinary Ultrasound Machines


Wheelchairs & Accessories

X Ray, Medical Imaging & Radiology

Angiography, Bone Densitometers, Computed Tomography Systems, Contrast Medias, Doppler Equipment, Equipment Drapes, Film & Processers, Fluoroscopy/Radiology Systems, Image Intensifiers, Imaging Information Systems, Lead X-Ray Protection, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Mammography Imaging, Mobile C-Arms, Nuclear Medicine Equipment, Positron Emission Tomography, Radiation Oncology Systems, Radiography Systems, Radiology Procedure Packs, Radiology Work Stations, Sialography, Ultrasound Equipment, X Ray Viewing Box, X-Ray Systems