Wound Care Dressings

Amtech supplies a range of wound care dressings including Low Adherent Dressings with highly absorbent pads, Island Dressings for post op wounds, minor lacerations and grazes and combine dressings with cushioned protection. All dressings sterile wrapped. Aerofix Island dressing is a soft and pliable adhesive dressing, which may be used for post operative wounds, minor lacerations and grazes. Ready to use sterile wrapped, low adherent highly absorbent pad, exceptional conforming properties and hypoallergenic adhesive. Amtech's absorbent combine dressings are a very high quality non-woven combine dressings made of premium specification material which is fluid resistant. The outer layer helps reduce fluid penetration and contamination. Highly absorbent inner layer helps reduce traditional bulky dressings. Sterile ready to use. Cushioned protection and highly absorbent.Amtech Wound dressing packs number 14 are one of the most popular clinical dressing packs, with all the necessary components included for typical GP and specialist use. These dressing packs contain 1 standard tray,6 non-woven swabs,2 green forceps,1 yellow forcep,1 paper towel 2ply and 1 white plastic field. Contact Amtech for further information.

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