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Adhesive Plaster Strip, Advanced Clinical Lights, AED Defibrillators, Antiseptic Wipes & Swabsticks, Aspirators / Suction Pumps, Audiometer, Autoclaves, Basket Stretcher, Biohazard Spill Kit, Blood Collection Equipment, Blood Glucose Tester, Blood Pressure - Arm monitor Rossmax MJ701F, Blood Pressure Monitor - Arm, Blood Pressure Monitor - Arm Citizen CH-406D, Blood Pressure Monitor - Arm Rossmax AK150F, Blood Pressure Monitor - wrist - Citizen CH-671F, Blood Pressure Monitor - wrist Rossmax V701, Blood Pressure Monitor Riester Ri Champion, Bowls, Burn Face Masks, BurnAid Gels and Dressings, Calcium Alginate Dressings, Cholesterol Tester, Citizen EAR Multi-function Digital Ear Thermometer, Clinical Examination Lights, Clinical Examination Night Light Equipoise: DI548, Clinical Incandescent Light, Cohesive Bandages, Collar Form Slings, Conforming & Crepe Bandages, Cotton Wool Buds, Cotton Wool Rolls & Balls, CPR Mask, Defibrillator Zoll AED+, Defibrillator Zoll Pro, Defribillator Heartsine AED Defibrillator, Diagnostic - pen-scope opthalmoscope, Diagnostic pen-scope otoscope, Diagnostic Station - Riester Ri-Former, Disinfectants, Disposable Bag Mask Resuscitators, Dressing Packs, Ear Irrigation Unit, ECG 12 channel, ECG Edan 12 Channel Direct to Computer via USB Por, EDAN Vital Signs Monitor M3, Elastic Adhesive Bandages, Electrosurgery ALSA Diathermy Generator, Electrosurgery Change – A – Tip Cauteries, Emergency Stretchers, Emergency Trolley, Ergosol Bed Accessories, Ergosol Beds, ET Examination table, Eurocare Comfort Bed, Examination Gloves, Eye Pads, Eye Wash Bottles, Eyecare First Aid Kit, Fire Blankets, Folding Stretchers, Gauze Swabs, General Examination Lights, Genius 2 Tympanic Thermometer, Hi Lo Hospital Care Beds, Hot / Cold Packs, Infrared Forehead Thermometer, Insulin Syringes, IV Poles, IV Pressure Infusion Bags, Laryngoscopes, Latex Gloves, Lights Accessory Options, Magnifying Lights, Male External Catheters, Medical Bags and Pouches - Nurses Puches, Paramedi, Medical Carts, Medical Tapes, Medicine Measuring Cups, Mercury Type diplomat-presameter® desk type, Microscope, Mouth swabs, MPVT Changing/Showering Table, MPVT Custom Table, MPVT Gynaecological & Urological Table, MPVT Modular Base Unit, MPVT Tilt Table, MPVT Two Section Table, MPVT Wall Mount Table, Nebuliser - Liberty, Nebuliser BESTNEB, Nurse Utility Pouch, Opthalmascopes, Orthopaedic Padding, Otoscope, Overalls, Padded Arm Sling, Paraffin Dressings, Paramedic Equipment Pouch, Pen lights, Plasters, Portable Vital Signs Monitor, Pressure Relieving Mattress, Pressure Relieving Mattress - Rest Sol, Pulse Oximeter - Rossmax Pulse Oximeter, Pulse Oximeter for VET use only., Pulse Oximeter handheld, Pulse Oximeters, Refrigeration, Reusable Bag Mask Ventialtors, Riester Ri-Mini Range - ri-mini combination set, Riester Ri-Scope Opthalmoscope Range ri-scope® L2, Riester Ri-Scope Opthalmoscope Range - ri-scope® L, Riester Ri-Scope Opthalmoscope Range ri-scope® L1, Roche Accutrend Cholesterol Testing, Scales, Scalpels, Sharps containers, Skin Cleanser Handwash, Skin Prep Pads, Sodium Chloride Nebules, Soft Cervical Collars, Sono Trax Doppler, Specimen Containers, SPHYGMOMANOMETERS Aneroid Type - Riester precisa®, SPHYGMOMANOMETERS Aneroid Type Riester Babyphon, SPHYGMOMANOMETERS Aneroid Type Riester Big Ben, SPHYGMOMANOMETERS Aneroid Type Riester minimus®II, SPHYGMOMANOMETERS Aneroid Type Riester Ri-san, Spine Board, Spirometry MIR Range, Sports Tapes, Stainless steel trolleys, Sterile Gloves, Stethoscope cardiophon®, Stethoscope Duplex, Stethoscope duplex® de luxe, Stethoscopes RIESTER RANGE anestophon®, Stools - Surgery, Suction Tubing, Summit doppler, Surgical Drapes, Surgical Drapes, Surgical Facemasks, Surgical Handwash, Surgical Sutures, Syringes, Tables, Thermometer, Triangular Bandages, Tubular Bandages, Urinary Leg Bags, Veterinary Oxygen Masks, Vital Signs Monitor, Waterless Hand Sanitiser, Wheelchairs, Wound Care Dressings, Wound Closure Strips, X Ray Viewing Box


National Sales Manager

Jeremy Anderson

Responsible for Amtech Medical products to be represented to the consumers and clients through the country. Call me now for details on how we can assist your organisation