Aidal® Plus Test Strips - chemical indicators

Aidal® Plus Test Strips are a chemical indicator for use in determining whether the concentration of Glutaraldehyde, the active ingredient in Aidal® Plus High Level Disinfectant and Sterilant is above or below the Minimum Recommended Concentration (MRC) of 1.5% Glutaraldehyde established for this solution. It is recommended that the Aidal® Plus solution be tested before each disinfection cycle to ensure that the Glutaraldehyde concentration is above the MRC. Aidal® Plus Test Strips help product users get the most cycles possible from their Aidal® Plus solution. Aidal® Plus Test Strips offer large, easy-to-read indicator pads with a definitive pass/fail colour chart located on the container. Aidal® Plus Test Strips offer results in 90 seconds. Packsize Available: 2 x 50 Strips per Box For more information, please contact Whiteley Corporation.

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