Whiteley Corporation

Whiteley Corporation

Whiteley Corporation has a long history as one of Australia’s leading manufacturers of disinfectants for healthcare, floor maintenance and industrial cleaning products.



Whiteley Corporation


Air fresheners and Surface Deodorants, Carpet sanitisers and deodorisers, Cleaning Solutions, Detergent wipes, Detergents & Disinfectants, Disinfectant Wipes, Domestic Cleaning Equipment, Glass cleaners, Hair Care Products, Hand Hygiene, Hand Wash Products, Infection Control Products, Rinsing Aids, Safety and Hygiene Products, Skin Cleaning Wipes, Skin Cleansers, Steriliser Monitoring Products


Aidal® Plus - disinfectant and sterilant, Aidal® Plus Test Strips - chemical indicators, Allclear - laboratory detergent, Arid rinsing agent, Bactex® Concentrate hospital grade disinfectant, Bactol Moisturiser, Bactol® Alcohol Gel - antibacterial hand cleanser, Citron - super concentrate neutral detergent, Clear Reflections - concentrated glass cleaner, Clear Reflections - window cleaner, CliniMax® multipurpose detergent, Dermalux Enrich 3-in-1, Dermalux Everyday Cleansing Wipes, Dermalux Natural Hand and Body Wash, Dermalux Soft Towel Lotion, Dermalux ultra mild soap, EarthSmart Multi-Purpose Detergent, EarthSmart Total Bathroom Cleaner, EarthSmart Window and Glass Cleaner, Fabrisan® carpet sanitiser and deodoriser, Fabrisolv spot remover, Florogen surface and space deodorants, Fresh - super concentrate bathroom cleaner, G.N. LIQUID Aldehyde neutraliser, GENESIS enzymatic machine detergent, Hand Hygiene Dispensers, Handisan Sanitising Foam, Instrumax® Pink instrument grade disinfectant, Kobalt hospital grade disinfectant, Matrix™ Wipes - biofilm removing detergent wipes, Matrix® biofilm remover, Medac acidic detergent, Medi-Dry Concentrate liquid rinse aid, Medi-Gleam automated machine detergent, Mediclean neutral streak-free detergent, Medineu Advanced - neutral detergent, Medirinse liquid rinse aid, Medizyme enzymatic detergent, Microl - for rinsing instruments and surfaces, Mr Bean - air freshener / cleaner, Mr Nomarks Carpet Master - spot cleaner, Mr Nomarks Fabrisan - carpet/upholstery deodoriser, Mr Steel - stainless steel cleaner and polish, Odacon - odour control incontinence spray, Opal - instrument grade high-level disinfectant, Pasac - machine descaler and neutraliser, PASDET glassware / instrument cleaner, Proxy A - Anti-corrosive Additive, Proxy C+ concentrated pre-disinfectant cleaner, Proxy CLN Multi-enzyme detergent, Proxy L - 70% Ethanol solution, Proxy P - high-level disinfectant / sterilant, Sansol - Hospital Grade Disinfectant, Sonex - hospital and lab equipment detergent, Sonidet - medical equipment /instrument detergent, Speedy Clean hospital grade detergent, Speedy Clean Wipes - detergent wipes, Surfex low level disinfectant, Tempo HD super concentrate neutral detergent, V-Wipes hospital grade disinfectant wipes, Vanilla Breeze concentrated air freshener/cleaner, Viraclean disinfectant, Viraclor sanitiser, Zen multi-function machine detergent, Zest super concentrate bathroom cleaner