Global Medics

Global Medics

Medical and Hygiene Supply Group

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Address: 42 Andrew Baxter Drive, Airport Oaks, Auckland 2022
Tel: 0800 45 66 33
Fax: 09 920 9901


Abdominal Retractors, Absorbent Powder, Adult High Protection Blankets, Alcohol Gel, Alcohol Wipes, Anti-Fatigue Mats, Antibacterial Alcoholfree Single Sachet Hand Wipes, Antiseptic Brush/Sponges, Bed Bath Shampoo Cap, BedBath Wipes, Bedpan & Commode Chair Liners, Bibs, Blood Pressure Monitors, Body Care Patient Wipes, Body Cleansing Wipes, Cannulated Orthopaedic Cutting Tool Instrument, Cervical Cancer Diagnosis Kit, Child Patient Warming Blanket, Chlorhexidine Wash Cloths, Clean Indicator Tape, Clean Self Adhesive Inditator Note Pads, Clear Lens Safety Glasses, Continence Care Body Wipes, Continence Management System,Glomed, Contraception Cycle Computer, Critical Care Patient Thermal Wraps, Cuff First Nitrile Gloves, Cuff First Nitrile Handy 50 Pack Gloves, Cuff First Nitrile Long Cuff Gloves, Cuff First Vinyl Blue & Clear Gloves, Detergent Wipes, Disinfectant Alcoholic 2% Chlorhexidine IV Wipes, Disinfectant Alcoholic 2% Chlorhexidine Skin Wipes, Disinfectant Spray Bottle, Disposable Ambulance Bedding, Disposable Ambuwrap Hooded Thermal Blanket, Disposable Barrier Bedding Packs, Disposable Bed Protection, Disposable Linen, Disposable Oscillating Saw (For Linvatec blade), Disposable Power Drill (with keyed chuck end), Disposable Reamer (with zimmer & keyed chuck end), Disposable Reciprocating Saw (For Linvatec blade), Disposable Retractors, Disposable Sternum Saw (For Linvatec blade), Disposable Tourniquets, Disposable Urinal, Dry Wipes, Dual Monitor Workstation, Easy Clean Commode, EconoLite Med Drawer Laptop Cart, Emergency Sleeping Bag, Emergency Survival Bag, Endoscopy Cleaner, Eyecon, Smartscale and Optix Counter Top Counting, Face protection Masks, Fertility Cycle Computer, Gelmax Super Absorbents, Gynacological TENS Machines, Hand & Surface Sanitiser Spray, Handwash Dispenser Systems, Hygia Medstore Cart, Hygia VHA All in One Mobile Computer Cart, Hygia VHA Laptop Cart, Hygia VHA PC Cart, Hygienic Bags, Impregnated Scope Shaped Sponge, Incontinence Pads, Incontinence under garments, Laptop Carts, Laptop Workstations, LogiTrack - Real-Time Location System, Macerator, Maternity Pads, Maternity TENS unit, Medication Dispensing System, Mobile Computing Systems, Mobile Computing Workstations, Mobile PC Workstations, Orthopaedic - Reusable Orthopaedic Tools, Orthopaedic Cement Application System, Overshoes, Patient Cleansing Wipes, Patient Transfer Board, Patient Transfer Sheet, Patient Transfer Sheet - Premium Reusable, Patient Transfer Sheet - Single Patient Use, Patient Warming blanket - Adult, Pelvic Floor TENS machine, Perioperative Thermal Caps & Leggings, Pharmaceutical Sorter, Pharmacy Automation, Pharmacy Storage and Prescription Delivery Automat, Plasters, Polyethylene Gloves, Portable X-Ray Fluoroscopy Instrument, Protection Sheets, Pulp Disposables, ReStock Tag - Digital Inventory Management System, Reusable Bed Protection, RX Mobile Medication Workstation, Single Use Valve Basket, Skin Cleansers, Slipper pan and bed pan supports, SmartCabinet - Automated Inventory Management, Smartpulse ™ Surgical Irrigator, Spill Wipes Kit, Sporicidal Wipes, Sterile Orthopaedic Drill Bit, Sterile Orthopaedic Pin, Stockbox - Automated Inventory Management, Super Absorbent Disposable Bed Sheet, Super Absorbent Disposable Floor Mat, Surgical Caps, Surgical Prep, TENS Pain Relief Complete Kit in a Box, Thermal Baby Wrap, Unit Dose Packaging, Universal Sanitising Wipes, UV Torch Kit, Vial Repackaging, Vom sick bags, Wall mounted Dispensers, Warmer, Wipeclean Pillows



Phone: 09 920 9900