Permobil New Zealand Limited

Permobil New Zealand Limited

Durable Medical Equipment Ltd (DME) joined forces with Permobil in August 2017. Joining forces with Permobil has grown DME’s already extensive range of product; we look forward to increasing access to care in New Zealand. Permobil is dedicated to building a leading healthcare company by providing advanced rehabilitation technology driving growth through education and outcomes, delivered with passion and first-class service. DME shares this vision, which makes this a strong match. Permobil is a leading global company of advanced rehab technology, with a strong focus on improving the daily lives of people with disabilities. Permobil products include power wheelchairs, manual wheelchairs and seating solutions. Permobil has 1500 employees in 17 countries and was founded in 1967 in Timrå, Sweden by Doctor Per Uddén.

Contact Details

Address: P.O Box 12-1454 Henderson Auckland 0650, 181a McLeod Road, Te Atatu South, Auckland
Tel: 0800 115 222
Fax: 0800 275 365


Accommodator Semi Rigid Pro Orthotic, ADI Aluminium Back Support, Adjustable Backrest, Aktiv Reacher, Aluminium Padded Finger Splints, Anterior Trunk Support - Adjustable, Anterior Trunk Support - Back Pack, Anterior Trunk Support - Centre Opening, Anterior Trunk Support - Centre Zipper, Anterior Trunk Support - Classic, Anterior Trunk Support - Contour, Anterior Trunk Support - Y Style, Arm Slings, Arthritis Gloves, Bariatric Crutches, Bariatric Products, Bed Rope Ladder, Belt - Manual Chair Seat Belt, Belt - Medial 4 Point with Push Button Metal Buckl, Belt - Power Scooter or Wheelchair Seat Belt - Pla, Belt - Standard 2 Point with Side Release Metal Bu, Belt - Standard 2 Point with Side Release Plastic, Biofreeze, Bottom Wiper, Bunion Shield, Bunion Shield, Button Hook, C750 Power Chair, Chewy Tubes, Clean Commode, Cleaning & Disinfection Products, Cloo Toilet Seat Raiser, Compression Splints, Darco Body Armour Cast Shoe, Darco Body Armour Night Splint, Darco Body Armour Walker, Darco FX Pro, Darco Heel Wedge Shoe, Darco MedSurg Shoe, Darco Ortho Wedge, Darco Pneumatic Night Splint, Darco Softie Cast Shoe, Darco Toe Alignment Splint, Darco Wound Care Shoe, Dining - Cups & Drinking Aids, Dining - Jar & Bottle Openers, Dining - Kitchen Utensils, Dining - Plates & Bowls, Dining - Utensils, Edge Shower Stool, Electrotherapy - Electrodes, Electrotherapy - Incontinence Stimulation Devices, Electrotherapy - NMES / Muscle Stimulation Devices, Electrotherapy - Peroneal Nerve Stimulation, Electrotherapy - TENS Machines (Digital), Electrotherapy - TENS Machines (Standard), Encompass Backrest, Evaluation Tools, Evaluation Tools - Dynamometers, Exercise Equipment - Aquatic, Exercise Equipment - Balance & Stability, Exercise Equipment - Hand Therapy, Exercise Equipment - Strength Training, Flexible Swivel Seat Cushion, Foam Form Back Support, Folding Bottom Wiper, Foot Care Products, Freestanding Toilet Seat Raiser, Gel Eze Heel and Ankle Protectors, Gun Sling Shoulder Orthosis, Handi Reacher, Head Master Collar Paediatric and Adult, Heat Therapy - Heat Packs, Heat Therapy - Paraffin Baths, Heelift AFO, Heelift Suspension Boot, Height Adjustable Wheelchair - Elevation, Height Right - Special Tomato, Hensinger Head Support Paediatric and Adult, Hi-Loo, Hip Protectors, Hip Turner, Hoist / Lift Slings, Hot & Cold Therapy, Ice Finger, Incontinence Briefs & Pants, IncoStress, Kentucky Kollar Neck Brace Paediatric and Adult, KidWalk Gait Trainer, Kinesio Tape, Komfit Cushions, Leg Lifter, Lifting hoist, Long Ankle Support, Long Handled Sponge, Matrix Total Contouring Back Support, Mattresses, Mini Board with Handles, Mini Massagers & Muscle Stimulators, Mobility - Canes, Mobility - Crutches, Mobility - Transfer Aids, Mobility - Walkers, Neater Eater - Feeding Assitant, Nova Freestanding Lift, Nova Mobile Lift, Omotrain Shoulder Support, Orthopaedic Putty & Foam, Oval 8 Splints, Paediatrics - Backrests & Seating Systems, Paediatrics - Cushions, Paediatrics - Feeding, Paediatrics - Positioning Products, Paediatrics - Splinting, Paediatrics - Standing Frames, Paediatrics - Toileting & Bathing, Paediatrics - Wheelchairs, Pedal Exercisers - Magnetic, Pedal Exercisers - Manual, Pedifex Hammer Toe Crest (Buttress Pad), Pedifix Budin Hammer Toe Splint, Pick Up Reacher, Pillow Paws - Fall Prevention Socks, Positioning Aids, Pressure Care - Heel & Elbow Products, Pressure Care - HIRE products, Pressure Care - XSensor Pressure Mapping, Reusable Underpads, Roho Adaptor Pad, Roho Airlite Cushion, Roho Contour Select Cushion, Roho Dry Floatation Mattress Overlay, Roho Harmony Cushion, Roho Head & Neck Pillow, Roho Heal Pad, Roho Hybrid Elite Dual Valve Cushion, Roho Hybrid Elite Single Valve Cushion, Roho Insert Pads, Roho Jetstream Pro Backrest, Roho Levelling Pads, Roho LTV Cushion, Roho Mosaic Cushion, Roho Neonatal Mattress, Roho Nesting Pad, Roho Packit Cushion, Roho Protect Cushion, Roho Quadtro Select High Profile Cushion, Roho Quadtro Select Low Profile Cushion, Roho Recliner Cushion & Backrest, Roho Shower Commode Cushion, Roho Single Compartment High Profile Cushion, Roho Single Compartment Low Profile Cushion, Roho Sofflex2 Mattress Overlay, Roho Solid Seat Insert, Roho Toilet Seat Cushion, Savannah Raised Toilet Seat, Scar Management Products, Seating - Accessories, Seating - Backrests, Seating - Cushions, Seating - Headrests, Seating - Systems, Seating - Wheelchair Positioning Products, Self Propelling Wheelchair, Shoe Holders, Short Ankle Support, Shower Chairs & Stools, Shurshape Back Support, Silicone Toe Spreader, Silipos Digital Care Kit, Sillicone Toe Separator, Slide Sheets, Sling with Handles, Sonaris, Special Tomato Soft Touch Sitter, Spinal Support / Positioning Aids, Splinting - Finger Splints, Splinting - Hand Splints, Splinting - Strapping & Padding, Splinting - Tools & Accessories, Stability Trainer - Theraband, Standing Frames, Stax Finger Splints, Stools, Strata Cushion, Suction Brush, Support Belt, Swede O Lok Ankle Brace, Swedish AFO, Swift Mobile Shower Commode, Swift Mobile Tilt, Swift Shower Stool / Chair, Talley Acute Paediatric Mattress Replacement, Talley Quattro Acute Mattress Replacement System, Talley Quattro Autocura Mattress Replacement Syste, Talley Quattro Overlay Mattress System, Talley Quattro Plus Mattress Replacement System, Teaching & Education Media, The Breather - Resistive Breathing Training, Thermoplastic Pre-cut Splints, Thermoplastic Pre-formed Splints, Thermoplastic Sheet Material, Toe Washer, Toileting Aids, Torkel Toilet Paper Tongs (Bottom Wiper), TRAC Tilt and Recline Wheelchair, Transfer Mattress & Transfer Cushion, Transit Wheelchair, Tripp Hygiene Chair, Turner Transfer Aid, Urinal, V Trak Axxis Back Support, V Trak Axxis Segmented Back Support, Vestibular Disc, Walking Frame, Wheelchair Armrest Pads, Wheelchairs - Accessories & Spares, Wheelchairs - Fixed Frame, Manual, Wheelchairs - Folding Manual, Wheelchairs - Standard Manual, Wisemover, Workplace Assessment - Hand / Wrist Tools, Workplace Assessment - Seating & Cushioning, XXL Bariatric Minimaxx Wheelchair, XXL Bariatric Shower Bench - 325kg Weight Limit, XXL Bariatric Shower Commode - 325kg Weight Limit


Customer Service

Phone: 0800 115 222