WM Bamford & Co Ltd, is one of the leading New Zealand independent medical supply companies recognised since 1952 for quality products, service performance and professionalism. Medical consumables, equipment and pharmaceuticals from our innovative and leading edge agencies are provided throughout New Zealand public and private hospitals as well as to doctors, dentists, veterinarians, rest homes and pharmacies. We offer an outstanding portfolio of quality products and a team of people committed to excellence not just in our products but in our service and our business relationships. Whether you are a customer or a supplier you can trust the Bamford team to deliver. ...Quality Products + Service Performance + Professionalism..

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Address: 12 Victoria Street, Alicetown, Lower Hutt 5012, Private Bag 31346, Lower Hutt 5040
Tel: 04 576 2100
Fax: 04 569 6489


Actilite™ Antimicrobial Honey Dressing, Activon Tulle™ Antimicrobial Honey Dressing, Activon™ Antimicrobial Honey - Tube (25gm), Advadraw Spiral™ Rapid capillary action ribbon, Advadraw™ Rapid capillary action dressing, Advasil Conform™ Silicone Gel Dressings, Advazorb Silfix™ Hydrophilic Foam Dressing, Advazorb Silflo™ Hydrophilic Foam Dressing, Alcohol & Chlorhexidine Swab - 56 x 30mm, Alcohol & Chlorhexidine Swab - 30 x 110mm, Alcohol Swab - Non Sterile 56 x 30mm, Alcohol Swab - Sterile 30 x 110mm, Alcohol Swab - Sterile 43 x 110mm, Alcohol Swab - Sterile 56 x 30mm, Alcohol Wipe Sachet Boxed, Alcohol Wipe Sachet Bulk Pack, Algivon™ Alginate dressing impregnated with honey, Anaesthetic Face masks and Resus Bags - Single use, Anaesthetic green gauze swabs, Anaesthetic Procedure Packs, Anatomical facemasks, Assure™ - Antimicrobial hand mousse, Azo Gel - Instrument Precleaning, Azo™ Wipes - hard surface disinfection - Sterile, AzoActive™ - surface decontamination, Azodet™, AzoMax™ - surface decontamination, Bandages, Biological Indicators for Sterilization, Bladesafe scalpel transfer device, Bougie - Single use, Clinisan™ Skin Cleansing, Compact Surgical LED Loupe Light, Conti™ Cleansing Wipes, Cricath® the smart choice for cricothyrotomy, Custom Labels, Dermatoscopes, Disposable Forehead Thermometer, Dressing Packs, Eclypse Adherent™ Absorbent Silicone Dressings, Eclypse™ Super absorbent dressing, Endoscope Sheaths, Epiglue, Equipment Drapes & Covers, Foetal Monitor Belts, Hand held Ultra Violet Light, Hot Dog Patient Warming - Air free, hyplex StaphyloResist MRSA detection from Swabs, Instant Cold Compress, Instrument Packs, Instruments Sterile and Single Use, Laryngoscopes - Blades, Handles and Sets, Maternity Products, Medical Imaging Accessories, Meditrax Total Traceability System, Oasis™ Moist Wipes, Oasis™ Waterless Bathing, Ophthalmic Instruments, Otoscopes, Patient Drapes, Plastic Hollow Ware, Procedure Packs - Customised, Procedure Packs - Standard, Protective Apparel - single use, Refresher Towelette, Self-contained Biological Sterilization Indicators, Silicone Drains Tubing Loops Boots, Siltape™ Soft silicone perforated tape, Siltex™ Soft Silicone wound dressing, Single Use Instruments - Sterile, Skin Closures, Sodium Chloride Sachet 0.9% - Sterile, Speculum - single use with light source, Sterility Assurance & Process Control Systems, Sterilization Biological Steam Indicators, Sterilization Monitor Biological Indicator Strips, Sterilization Monitors - Air Elimination Tests, Sterilization Monitors - Dry Block Incubators, Sterilization Monitors Chemical Indicators Steam, Surgical Gowns - Single use, Surgical suction / passive Drains, Touchless Thermometer, Towels - medical, Tracheal Tube Introducer - Vented, Tray Tag Marking, Traybax Computerised Sterilization Tracking System, Vellafilm Absorbent™ soft silicone dressing, Ward Consumables, Water Sachet - Sterile - Bulk, Water Wipe Paper Towelette - Sterile - Bulk, Water Wipe Paper Towelette - Sterile - Pack


Territory Manager Lower North Island

Alex Bamford

Mobile: 022 3859441


Territory Manager Central & Northern North Island

Cam Weitz

Mobile: 021 764 009


Territory Manager - South Island

Cathy Chirnside

Mobile: 027 2183186