Passive lift - Maxi Twin Range

The Maxi Twin and the Maxi Twin Compact are unlike other passive sling lifters, they both had a twin mast design that not only improves stability and weight distribution. The Maxi Twin is a safe working load = 182Kgs, attractive modern design, twin masts which improve stability and weight distribution attractive. It performs all transfers for all size passive residents, lifts from the bed, chair, toilet as well as the floor. Spreader bar is available in 4-point manual DPS (Dynamic Positioning System) and in powered DPS. Powered assistance improves the precision and ease of resident positioning. Powered DPS is operated via the Handset and reducing the strain on the carer. Ergonomically designed push/pull handles reduce carer stain, dual controls allows the carer to operate lift from handset or mast control panel. Safe working load = 182Kgs. The Maxi Twin Compact is a smaller version of the well-known Maxi Twin passive floor lifter. Incorporates all the main benefits of the larger twin-mast lifter, while offering the carer unique access advantages due to its remarkably small footprint and excellent manoeuvrability. Safe working load = 160Kg. For more information please contact ArjoHuntleigh.

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