Oasis™ Waterless Bathing

...Quality Products + Service Performance + Professionalism... Oasis™ Rinse-Free Shampoo Cap - Impregnated with a gentle conditioning shampoo the cap is microwaved for 20 seconds before placing on the bed. A couple of minutes of massage will leave the hair clean, towel dry and ready to style. Oasis™ Bed Bath Wipes offer warm body cleansing without water for people who are bed bound or have problems moving. Heated for 60 seconds in a mcrowave they are better for the skin than soap and water and allow top to toe cleansing. An antibacterial option is available in both scented and unscented options. Oasis™ Bed Bath Washmitt is easy to handle when a wash cloth is not. The washmitt is impregnated with a gentle cleansing solution and is heated in a microwave to allow easier self cleansing. For more information on this or other Medical products from our extensive range contact Bamford 08002263673

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