Menstrual Cups

The MyCup™ Menstrual cups are NZ Made. They are beautiful designed for comfort and confidence. The Menstrual cup is a small flexible cup that collects your menstrual fluid instead of absorbing it. It's comfortable, reusable, hygienic and can be used overnight. With proper care, it will last a long time. Available in 3 different sizes. Teen (size 0), 18+ (size 1), 18+ (size 2). The Menstrual cups are: Reusable Economical (eliminates the ongoing expense of disposable alternatives) Sustainable (2400 less tampons or pads in landfills over the next 10 years) Available in 3 different sizes (for light to super plus days) Lasts up to 10 years Convenient -up to 8 hours of protection Easy to use - silky smooth design Safe - premium FDA Registered medical grade silicone Plastic free Dye free Odour free Leek proof Doesn't upset natural vaginal PH Zero Waste in production Ethically produced Vegan Made in NZ

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