Fistula Access Device

VWING is comprised of a single piece titanium device that allows for repeated access of an autogenic arteriovenous (AV) fistula through a single puncture site or buttonhole for maintenance hemodialysis. VWING is implanted subcutaneously and attached to the exterior fistula wall utilizing a surgical cut-down technique and sutured to secure the implant to the fistula. The VWNG is available in 8 sizes (implant height x implant diameter): 4mm x Ø7mm, 6mm x Ø7mm, 8mm x Ø7mm, 10mm x Ø7mm, 4mm x Ø9mm, 6mm x Ø9mm, 8mm x Ø9mm, and 10mm x Ø9mm. For more information contact Endoventure.

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