Compression socks

TXG's Unisex Antibacterial Support socks are designed with an invisible calf mesh which rapidly dissipates any heat or perspiration, keeping your legs cool and dry. These support socks contain the top quality ModalĀ® fiber which is a completely natural material from beech wood trees and the production process is eco-friendly. ModalĀ® is machine washable and it is resistant to wrinkles as a result it will stay looking good for a long time. Benefits of Antibacterial Support Socks: Promotes blood circulation which assists energy levels Diminishes inflammation, weariness and aching in feet and legs Alleviates discomfort of swollen legs and feet when flying and reduces risk of deep vein thrombosis (DVT) Supports treatment and care of mild oedema and mild venous symptoms Reduces the symptoms and prominence of varicose and spider veins For more information contact TXG NZ Ltd

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