District Health Boards

Waikato DHB



Pembroke Street, Hamilton 3204
Private Bag 3200, Waikato Mail Centre, Hamilton 3240
Ph 07 839 8899, Fax 07 839 8799



MacKay Street, Thames 3500
PO Box 707, Thames 3540
Ph 07 868 6550


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Clinical Services:

Waikato hospital offers tertiary services to the Waikato region. A complete list of their services can be found on their website here


Parking at Waikato Hospital is operated by Wilson Parking. The charges and operating times can be found here . With current site contruction taking place the inter campus roadways have been altered. A map showing the current layout is available here

Parking at all other Waikato DHB facilities is available on site and is currently free of charge


Loading Dock:

The main hospital loading dock is at the Inwards Goods department located in the Distribution Building which leads to the main campus buildings via a lift and corridor. This accessible via the Selwyn St site access gate. There is also a loading dock opposite the purchasing building.

Purchasing Department:

The purchasing department is now located in the Hocking building at the rear of the Waikato site. Access to the department is via reception at the fron of the building and sign in/out is compulsory to enter the building.

All reps must sign in and out when entering and leaving the campus.

The Clinical Product Co-ordinator can be contacted via main operator on:

Ph 07 839 8899 or Cell phone 021 228 4843

The Clinical Product Advisor in Quality & Risk can be contacted on Cell Phone 021 856 785

You can email them at

New Equipment Policy:

Companies wishing to introduce new medical products into Waikato DHB must have a WAND number for the product and submit a completed PEHNZ form to, and discuss with, a Clinical Product Co-ordinator before proceeding. A copy of confirmation of registration on the Medsafe WAND database must be provided (via printed screen dump) with PEHNZ form and other related documentation.

All electrically operated medical equipment must comply with the AS/NZS 3200 & 3551 electrical standard and be tested by Waikato DHB biomedical engineers prior to being placed in clinical areas.

If products become unavailable or are being substituted, altered, or modified the Clinical product co-ordinator must be contacted and a Change form submitted in advance.

Health Alliance has taken over National DHB Procurement as of July 1st 2014. For more information visit their website here

Supplier Code of Conduct:

A Supplier Code of Conduct form has been produced by Health Alliance and can be found here


Business Visitors Procedure

Waikato DHB have a business visitors procedure which outlines where to sign in / out and the procedure for visiting clinical staff in the hospitals. The procedure is available for download on the wdhb website here . Please read this before visiting Waikato DHB.

The Waikato site sign in and sign out for business visitors is now:

 1) Enquiry desk, carpark building link corridor, Level 1.  2) If visit will continue after 4.30pm sign in and out is to be via Duty Managers Office, O Level, Menzies Building


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