District Health Boards

Waitemata DHB


North Shore

124 Shakespeare Rd, Milford, Auckland 0622
Private Bag 93-503, Takapuna, Auckland 0740
Ph 09 486 1491 or 486 8920 dd, Fax 486 8908


Lincoln Road, Henderson, Auckland 0610
Private Bag 93-115, Lincoln Rd, Henderson, 0650 Auckland 1008
Ph 486 1491 or 486 8920 ddi, Fax 09 837 6637

Waitemata DHB also operates heath services in several other locations including the Mason Clinic and Wilson home. For a complete list with contact details, refer to their website here

Clinical Services:

Waitemata DHB Clinical services are listed on their website here. Services available at Waitakere only are listed here


Parking is available at North Shore Hospital and is operated by Waitemata DHB.  Parking charges can be found here.  Parking is available on all other Waitemata DHB sites free of charge.


  • North Shore Hospital campus maps
  • Waitakere Hospital campus maps

Loading Dock:

A loading dock into North Shore hospital is located at the Inwards Goods department at the back of the hospital. There is also a loading dock at Waitakere hospital.

Purchasing Department:

Health Alliance has taken over National DHB Procurement as of July 1st 2014. For more information visit their website here

Supplier Code of Conduct:

A Supplier Code of Conduct form has been produced by Health Alliance and can be found here

The Clinical Product Co-ordinator for North Shore Hospital can be contacted on:

Ph 09 487 1572

Supplier Out of Stock Items Policy

As a supplier you are a very important customer to Waitemata District Health Board (WDHB), Counties Manukau District health Board (CMDHB) & HealthAlliance (hA).

We are working on purchasing quality initiatives and we have noticed that some items are taking a few days for delivery after the issue of the purchase orders. These could be the items which are not in your stock and are back ordered. 

To improve quality to our internal customers, and supplier profiles in our company, we require back order notification from you. As a preferred supplier, such as yourselves we would prefer these notifications back within 1 day of you receiving the order. If you have any issues regarding this can you please call me directly on the number indicated below.

This notification can be sent either by e-mail, proffered method or by fax indicating ETA for all the items back ordered.

All we require from you is the following:

Purchase order Number   Product Description     Supplier Code Number    ETA    

123456               2006 Boss Ford Falcon, Forest Green        My Dream            12-Nov-06      
Thank you for your support and I look forward to working with you in improving the quality provided to our customers.

New Equipment Policy:

For new clinical products (and existing products as the need arises) CMDHB and WDHB insist on: 

Electronic copies of:

  1. PEHNZ form
  2. Medsafe WAND (pdf or jpeg)
  3. Relevant regulatory certificates – for example TGA or FDA or CE
  4. A list pricing schedule in an excel format
  5. Product pamphlet and care (eg decontamination advice)

 All electrically operated medical equipment must comply with the AS/NZS 3000 electrical standard and be tested by the Waitemata DHB biomedical department (at North Shore Hospital) prior to being placed in clinical areas.

If products become unavailable or are being substituted, altered, or modified the Clinical product co-ordinator must be contacted and a Change form submitted in advance.

Supplier Guidelines:

Visiting supplier representitives should make themselves familiar with the WDHB supplier guidelines which can be downloaded here

District Health Board Map