Negative Pressure Wound Therapy

KCI Medical provides Negative Pressure Wound Therapy with V.A.C.® Therapy which is a non-invasive system that helps promote wound healing. The V.A.C.® Therapy units deliver negative pressure, also known as sub-atmospheric pressure, to the wound site. This is applied by a tubing which decompresses a foam dressing, continuously or intermittently. Therapy systems include the V.A.C. ATS® System which is an Advanced Therapy System for easier patient care that features T.R.A.C.® (Therapeutic Regulated Accurate Care) technology. KCI Medical also offers the V.A.C. Freedom® Therapy System which includes all the clinical benefits of V.A.C.® Therapy in a lightweight, portable unit that also features T.R.A.C.® technology. KCI has designed and developed V.A.C.® Therapy dressing systems specifically created to help achieve wound healing goals including V.A.C. ® GranuFoam® and V.A.C. WhiteFoam®. There is also a range of wound specific dressings for Hand, Heel, Abdominal and other wounds. For more information contact InterMed Customer Services - 0800 524 222

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