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...Quality Products + Service Performance + Professionalism.. Heine offers a versatile range of handles providing the right alternative for almost any combination: Laryngoscope handles with and without charge status display, various handle diameters and lengths, with 2.5V batteries, 3.5V NiMH or Lithium batteries together with the new NT300 charger. the handles are illuminated bty state of the art LED's or Heine XHL Xenon Halogen bulbs. Heine F.O. laryngoscope blades and handles confirm to ISO 7376 (green) standards. Innovative illumination technology moves Heine F.O. Laryngoscope further ahead of conventional F.O. blades. The Heine HiLite® fibre optic bundles with a diameter up to 100% larger has not only excellent light transmission, but is autoclavable for 4000 stdandard autoclave cycles of 134°C/5 min, with more than 1000 lux. Heine products excel through fine workmanship and quality materials. This allows Heine to give a 5 year warranty on all handles and blades with Heine Hi Lite® fiber optcis bundles. Available as individual components or in complete sets. For more information about the Heine range of products contact us at Bamford 08002263673 as we are the NZ agent.

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