CARE Medical Ltd

CARE Medical is a division of Intermed supplying Cardiac, Anaesthetic, Respiratory and Emergency equipment ranges to the New Zealand healthcare market.

Contact Details

Address: 71 Apollo Drive, Albany, PO Box 33268, Takapuna, Auckland
Tel: 0800 333 444
Fax: 09 415 9045


AED Defibrillators, Air / Oxygen Blenders, Anaesthesia Masks, Body Plethysmographs, Breathing Circuits, Breathing Circuits - Custom, Breathing Filters & Humidifiers, Capnography Monitors & Sensors, Catheter Mounts, Cough Assist Machines, CPR Masks & Shields, Critical Care Nebulisers, Cycle Ergometers, Dopplers, ECG Electrodes & ECG paper, ECG Machines, Ergospirometry Systems, Flowmeter Accessories, Flowmeters, Humidifiers - Non Invasive (CPAP), Humidifiers - Ventilator, Laryngeal Airways, Manual Bag Mask Resuscitators, Nebuliser Bowls & Kits, Nebulisers, Nitric Oxide Monitoring, Oxygen Concentrators, Oxygen Conservers & Accessories, Oxygen Regulators, Peak Flow Meters, PEEP Valves & Adaptors, Pulmonary Diagnostic Systems, Pulse Oximeters, Pulse Oximetry Sensors, Sleep Apnoea / CPAP Masks, Sleep Lab Sensors, Sleep Recorders & Systems, Spirometers, Spirometry Filters, Suction Collection Canisters, Suction Regulators, Suction Units - Portable, Transtracheal Catheters, Treadmill Ergometers, Ventilators - BiPAP, Ventilators - CPAP, Ventilators - Homecare, Vital Signs Monitors


Service Engineer

John Morris

Phone: 09 915 4955
Mobile: 021 760 113