Jackson Allison Ltd

Jackson Allison Ltd

Jackson Allison Medical and Surgical, a premier healthcare distributor throughout Australasia, is committed to supplying quality, innovative, cost competitive medical and surgical products to the health industry.

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Address: 56 Lunn Avenue, Mt Wellington, Auckland 1072. PO Box 4261, Shortland Street, Auckland 1140.
Tel: 0800 333 103
Fax: 09 622 1234


Abdominal Binders, Airways, Alarms, Enuresis, Alcohol Prep Pads, Ampoule Openers, Anaesthetic circuit accessories, Anal Dilators, Anti Allergy Duvet Covers, Anti Allergy Mattress Covers, Anti Allergy Pillow Cases, Autoclave Indicator Tape, Bile Bags, Biopsy Blade, Biopsy Punches, Breathing Circuit Filters & Humidifiers, Burn First Aid, Clinical Detergent, Clips, CO2 Sampling Lines, Collarform Arm Slings, Combined Spinal Epidural Kit, Custom Printed Labels, Dermal Curettes, Detergent Pump Handle, Disposable Cap, Disposable Coveralls, Disposable Rectoscopes, Disposbale Proctoscopes, ECG Chart Paper, ECG Electrodes, Electrostatic Filters, Electrosurgical Pencils, Electrosurgical Smoke Evacuation Device, Enzymatic Cleaning Sponges, Enzymatic Detergents, Epidural Needles, Equipment Covers, Esmark Bandages, ET Tube Changers, Face Visors, Finger Splints, Fire Blankets, Flexible Light Handle Covers, Fluid Solidifier, Foaming autoclave cleaning treatment system, Forceps, Guedal Airways, Haemorrhoidal Cream, Haemostatic Spray, Humidifier, Infant Heel Warmers, Instrument Pads, Isolation Gowns, IV / Blood Administration Sets, IV Torniquet, Knee Immobilisers, Laparoscopic Cleaning Solution, Light Handle Covers, Nebulisers & Compressors, Needle Counters, Needle Holders, Nelaton Catheters, Ophthalmic Sponge Products, Paediatric Anaesthetic Circuits, Paediatric Proctoscopes, Percussion Hammers, Prelubricated Urinary Catheters, Razors, Rectal Catheters, Rectal Tubes, Scalpel Blade Holder, Scalpel Blades, Scalpel Handles, Scissors, Speculae, Suction Catheters, Surgical Probes, Surgical Skin Markers, Surgical Towels, Temperature Sensor Catheter, Theatre Sharps Transfer Device, Tourniquet Machines, Tubular Compression Bandages, Tuning Forks, Urine Leg Bags, Vessel Loops, Wooden Spatulas, Wrist Braces, Zinc Oxide Tapes