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EBOS Healthcare provides Market Leading Brands of Healthcare Products

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Address: 14-18 Lovell Court, Rosedale 0632 | PO Box 302 161, North Harbour Postal Centre, Auckland, New Zealand
Tel: 0800 18 17 16
Fax: 0800 502 883


Absorbent Pads & Bedsheets, Absorbent Tissue Papers, Absorbent Tray Liners, Adult Bag Mask, Ambulatory Cardio / Respiratory Monitor, Anaesthetic Breathing Circuits, Anaesthetic Circuits Accessories and Consumables, Anaesthetic masks, Aneasthetic Drying Cabinets, Anoscopes, Anti-Snoring Aid, Audiology Instruments, Autorefractor, Baby Bed, Baby Bottle Teats, Baby Bottles, Baby Warmer, Bed Rails, Poles and Cradles, Bedside Commodes, Blanket Warming Cabinets, Blood Analyzer, Bowl Stands, Breast Shield Kits, Breathing Circuits, Breathing Circuits Accessories, Cardiovascular Cooling/Heating Systems, Chairs, Cleaning Trolleys, Cold Therapy Systems, Colposcopes, Cots and Bassinets, Couches, CPR Barriers & Backboard, Cricothyrotomy Kits, Dental Needles, Dermal Pads, Dialysis Filters, Digital Video Systems, Disinfectant Wipes, Disposable Peak Flow Meter Mouthpieces, Dressing Trolleys, Elbow Crutches, Elbow, Scapula and Leg Pillows, Electro Convulsive Therapy Devices, Electrode Spray, Emergency Carts, Endobronchial Tubes, Endotracheal Tubes, Equipment Drapes, ET Tube Stylets, Examination Gloves, Examination Lights, Face Masks, Face Visors, Filters, Flowmeters, Fluid Warming Cabinets, Foley Catheters, Food and Beverage Trolleys, Foot Steps, Heat Therapy Systems, HMEs, Humidifiers, Hyper-Hypothermia Blankets, Hyper-Hypothermia Water Systems, Hypodermic Needles, Infusion Sets, Instrument Trolleys, IV Stands, Laryngoscopes, Laundry Trolleys, Linen Trolleys, Mattress Covers, Mattress Overlays, Mattresses, Medical Wipes, Medication Carts, Mortuary Platforms, Mortuary Trolleys, Mouth Wedges, Nasal Airways, Nasopharyngeal Airways, Nebuliser Accessories, Nebuliser Compressors, Nebulisers, Neurology Monitoring Systems, Ophthalmic Sets, Ophthalmoscopes, Oral airways, Orthotics & Foot Cushions, Otoscope Specula, Otoscopes, Oxygen Analysers and Monitors, Oxygen Concentrators, Oxygen Mask Adapters and Connectors, Oxygen Masks - Acute, Oxygen Masks - Aerosol, Oxygen Masks - Anaesthetic/Bag Mask, Oxygen Nasal Cannulae, Oxygen Regulators, Pads, Patient Tables, Patient Trolleys, Peak Flow Meters, Pelvic Positioning Belts, Pillow Supports, Pillows and Duvets, Plinths & Bobath Tables, Portable Patient Monitors, Potty Chairs, Probe Covers, Procedure Packs, Profusion EEG, Profusion PSG, Protective Eyewear, Protective Footwear, Protective Gowns & Aprons, Protective Headwear, Replacement Lamps, Resuscitation Carts, Resuscitators, Safety Grab Rails, Screens, Shower Chairs, Shower Commodes, Sigmoidscopes, Sleep Monitor, Sleep Monitoring Devices, Sliding Boards, Sliding Sheets, Sphygmomanometers, Spill kits, Sterile Wraps, Stethoscopes, Stools, Storage Trolleys, Suction Units, Suprapubic Catheters, Surgical Drapes, Surgical Gloves, Surgical Gowns, Surgical Headlight Systems, Surgical Microscopes, Surgical Towels & Tapes, Suture Carts, Syringes, Temperature Probes, Theatre Carts, Thermometers, Toilet Seat Raisers, Toileting Aids, Tracheostomy Dilator, Transurethral Resection Apron System, Tubing, Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems, Ultrasound Gels and Creams, Ultrasound Probe Cleaning Spray, Underarm Crutches, Urine Analysers, Vaginal Speculae, Ventilators, Vision Screeners, Visual Field Instrument, Walkers, Walking Sticks, Warming Systems, Washer Disinfectors, Wheelchair Accessories, Wheelchair Cushions & Seat Pads, Wheelchairs, Wound Dressings, X-Ray Viewers