Hot Dog Patient Warming - Air free

...Quality Products + Service Performance + Professionalism.. To ensure normothermia, patients must be warmed both prior to and during surgery. This creates a patient temperature Flatline. Unintended hypothermia can result in: * Increase wound infections * Increased length of hospital stay * Higher mortality rates * Increased ICU time * Increased risk of MI * Increased risk of blood transfusion and blood products. Hot Dog is * Air-Free - no blowing air * Airborne Contamination Free * Cleanable * No Noise Pollution * Flat Profile Semi-conductive polymer fabric heaters Even watt density and heat production Unique and reliable bus-bar construction Always safe — even if damaged. Unique patent-pending two-zone temperature control Low power consumption 80-140 watts Embedded software monitors blanket resistance & current to ensure proper operation * Energy Efficient (consumes 80% less energy than FAW) * Environmentally Friendly * Cost Effective For more information on this or other Medical products from our extensive range contact Bamford 08002263673

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